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Transportation in Finland

Transportation in Finland

Transportation in Finland

Great experience and many years of good practices allow us to successfully exploit all forms of transportation — road, rail, sea and air transport. In addition, we provide multi-modal (mixed or combined), and special goods transportation. Multimodal transport of goods are profitable when the delivery is only one way is not possible, for example by sea transport. The cause limited seas, therefore in this situation often resort to a combination of different transport modes. This allow the customer to save costs and in the same time significantly reduce the total shipping time. Regardless the destination point, we carry transportation competently and quickly and always choose only the best routes. Our professional staff perform job responsibilities with high quality and satisfy the requirements, needs and interests of partners and customers!

Territorial coverage of our company very wide — we transport over Scandinavia and from Scandinavia into Russia.


Trucking is considered one of the most popular methods of delivering cargo to destination. They are efficient , inexpensive, convenient and high demand. Mobility, flexibility and agility of cars make this service attractive for individuals and companies of different levels. Trucking often used for the delivery of modular cargoes (small batches). Another advantage — the opportunity to take the associated load.


Rail route is defined, which makes it impossible to select the optimal route, as opposed to trucking. However, this type of delivery is very efficient for transportation over long distances. The main advantage of rail freight is safety and reliability and ,of course, rail freight can deliver the goods of any weight and volume!


In the absence of overland routes, we use sea freight. In terms of cargo’s volume and save money resources, ocean freight — excellent alternative to road and rail technology! CCS Company cooperated with major ports in Finland, so to guarantee the safety and quality delivery any kind of goods.


Air transport is one of the most expensive types of transportation. This is a very reliable and save type of transportation which is quite popular in XXI Century and is a must for delivery of certain group of goods.


Special transportation — it is the carriage of general, dangerous, oversize and heavy cargoes requiring special permits for their importation abroad. We carry all types of transport and there is no such problem with which we couldn’t cope.

Delivery of goods in CCS Company runs the scheme “door to door” (provider — Customs — recipient’s warehouse) and allows the customer to reduce transportation time and to avoid customs clearance on their own.

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